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Statue of Alimbek Datka in Gulcho
Kyrgyzstan Mileage

Mile 24: Tying The Loose Ends

It’s hard to believe it, but I only have one month left living in Kyrgyzstan. It’s been two years almost to the day since we landed at sunrise at the airport in Bishkek, and now my service is finally winding down with some good final memories, some bad ones, and a few special projects coming to a satisfying conclusion.

A Separation screen grab
Iran Movies

Iranian Movie Night: ALL OF THE MOVIES!

I was scrolling through Facebook the other day, and as some readers know, I have a lot of Iranian friends and colleagues from my undergraduate days when I conducted research in Tehran and Esfahan. Well, one of them happened to post a deal that is simply too good to not share with you: a website dedicated to Iranian cinema has a special deal making all its films free for 90 days.


One Boston Day, 2017

As many readers know, I was a runner in the 2013 Boston Marathon, and was less than a mile away from finishing when the bombs at the finish line exploded 3 years ago today, at 2:49 PM Eastern Time. I was one of over 5,000 runners who was unable to finish the race because of […]

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Winter in Chong-Alay

Last week, I got to return to my favorite rayon in Kyrgyzstan, the high and remote Chong-Alay region, which is the southernmost region in Kyrgyzstan. As the crow flies, it’s only about 65 miles southwest of Osh (a 20-minute flight in the Soviet era), but thanks to the majestic Alay mountains, the drive is 300km and takes 5 hours on a good day. As I had learned from my previous visits, though, the drive is absolutely worth it.